Erika Fuchs & Hermann Kröll

Erika Fuchs & Hermann Kröll

The unison of tradition, love of nature and appreciation of the beautiful things in life form the basis of our philosophy.

Hermann Kröll and his partner Erika Fuchs manage the Thurnerhof and look after their guests with immense enthusiasm and warmth. Hospitality has a long tradition in the family and, in this way, the Thurnerhof has become a place of encounters, enjoyment and holiday happiness!


the foundation stone for today’s hotel business

Meine Großmutter Gertraud Kröll und Großvater Georg Kröll legten einst den Grundstein für den heutigen Hotelbetrieb. Als Sie 1950 begannen in dem damaligen einfachen Bauernhaus Zimmer zu vermieten. Meine Großmutter erkannte damals schon, dass die Jugend die Zukunft ist und machte das Bauernhaus zu einem Jugenderholungsheim mit 3 Zimmern und fließend Wasser am Gang. Durch das Bekanntwerden von Saalbach Hinterglemm als Skigebiet konnten meine Großeltern 1958 bereits 20 Gäste beherbergen.


the simple accommodation for school trips evolved into one of the most modern youth guesthouses

From 1980 to 2006, under the leadership of today’s senior managers Hermann and Adele Kröll, the simple accommodation for school trips in the countryside evolved into one of the most modern youth guesthouses in Saalbach Hinterglemm. They have enthusiastically run, extended and modernised the house. My mother took care of the physical well-being of about 100 guests in the kitchen almost on her own, while my father looked after the office work and all activities around the house. The house was renovated and modernised continuously during the low seasons. My parents decided to take their well-deserved retirement in 2006. By the way, my mother is still the fairy godmother in the laundry and it would be hard to imagine life without my father as a ski shuttle driver and in-house technician.


Frm Pension Thurnerhof to Hotel Thurnerhof

In 2006, I was only 21 years old when I took over the family property and the destiny of today’s Hotel THURNERHOF in the fourth generation. Wet behind the ears but full of great vision and energy. I never thought of anything else but to fully devote myself to continuing the parental business in the proven family tradition – even though I could never understand the ‘Student Hostel’ categorisation. From the very beginning, I had only one dream/goal in mind: the ****family hotel THURNERHOF. A big thank you to my parents at this point, who never slowed me down in my visions and sometimes risky investments. On the contrary, I could always count on their active support and backing. It didn’t take me long to convert the target group from youth groups to young families. The name was more or less adapted as we went through the numerous conversions of PENSION THURNERHOF and later, to HOTEL THURNERHOF.


Personal happiness joined professional success

Personal happiness joined professional success in 2015. My still-not-yet-wife Erika Fuchs has been by my side since then. She is a master florist and does not have a background in the hotel business, but she provides a breath of fresh air with her great ideas and attention to detail. Her excellent sense for beautiful things puts every last nook and cranny of the house in the right light. Hardly a day goes by without her taking on some minor or major task in the hotel. The birth of our son Moritz in 2016 cemented our good fortune with the fifth generation.


The big conversion

As we tend to stagnancy as more of a regression, i could quickly convince my family to further develop the Thurnerhof. We - Erika, Moritz and myself - went on a brainstorming sessions. After the initial planning, the conversion began in spring of  2020.
We as a family received another amazing present right before Christmas: our son Xaver was born healthily.


The new adventure playground

We experienced a unique season this summer, full of old and new faces. Between adults and children. And were particularly amazed about the new adventure playground in the heart of nature.


There's always something new

We continued to further develop them, all our big ideas, between minuscule adjustment, renovations of the last rooms, and installing a new sunbathing lawn at the pool.
Hospitality is our passion
Host Family Kröll Hotel Thurnerhof

Hospitality is our passion

Host Family Kröll Hotel Thurnerhof