Draw of the rebuilded Hotel Thurnerhof

Our diary ...

of the renovation, extension and many inspiring ideas

Reopening in summer 2021

Four generations which have all been, and still are, equally defined by a pioneer spirit, appreciation of the beautiful things in life, warm hospitality and an immense enthusiasm in what they do. The next milestone: after an intensive renovation and extension phase in 2020, the reopening in summer 2021!
New at the Thurnerhof:
  • Heated infinity pool (20 x 6 metres) with stunning views of the mountains and comfortable massage loungers
  • Sunny terrace for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery
  • Modern alpine hotel lobby, bar and restaurant with parlour
  • New rooms and suites
  • Expanded children’s playground – 600 m2 with slides, swings, climbing frames etc and much more in stunning scenery
Follow us for part of the way:
Hotel Thurnerhof before rebuilding
Hotel Thurnerhof with playground for kids

One last view ...

... of our "old" Hotel-Appartments Thurnerhof, where we have been able to pamper numerous loving holidaymakers and regular guests over the past years.

December 2020

Done! We are ready for our new opening

Shortly before Christmas we have completed all the work. Full of pride and joy we now present our newly renovated Hotel Thurnerhof in beautiful Saalbach.
New room in the hotel Thurnerhof
Comfortable room in the hotel Thurnerhof

Naturally Thurnerhof

Come in! Our new, stylish rooms promise the highest comfort.
Stylish room in the hotel Thurnerhof
New Design

New Design

In our new heated infinity pool our guests can perfectly switch off. We present ourselves in a completely new design - even our logo has changed ;).
New heated infinity pool in the hotel Thurnerhof

November 2020

Now it goes to the fine tuning!

During the last weeks of our hotel reconstruction we all put all our efforts into it again. After we have already completed all the rough conversion work, we are now taking care of the finer details. Whether terrace design, furnishing, design and decoration of the rooms and much more. Of course we want everything to be perfect for our new opening on January 7th 2021!
New restaurant & more
New restaurant & more

New restaurant & more

Our restaurant looks already very good. We especially like the new wood. Here the lamps have already been partly fixed.
New restaurant & more
Terrace at the Hotel Thurnerhof
New terrace design Hotel Thurnerhof

Terrace design

The hoteliers show their skills as "hobby gardeners" ;) ...
Trees are planted to provide a natural sun protection.
Terrace construction Hotel Thurnerhof
New wellness area at Hotel Thurnerhof
Construction of the new wellness area at Hotel Thurnerhof

New wellness area

In the new, extended wellness area the shower cabins are already finished.
Hotel Thurnerhof new furniture in rooms
New room in the Hotel Thurnerhof

Our new rooms

The new rooms & suites are almost finished. These will be still equipped with noble furniture and stylishly decorated.

October 2020

The wellness area will be renovated and extended by further wellness zones. In the exterior and interior area there are still some work for our first-class construction workers.
Teamwork in the hotel Thurnerhof
New terrace of our Hotel Thurnerhof

Construction of the new terrace

The new terrace of our hotel is under construction. As a team we are great!
Reconstruction of the old dining room
New steam bath will be built

There is something going on inside

The old dining room is already being renovated - the wood was brushed and reinstalled. In the new wellness area the steam bath is already being built.
Old dining room in new design

September 2020

Only 3 months left until new opening ...

Every day our hard-working construction workers give their best :). Also in September we present you interesting insights into our hotel reconstruction.
Window in window in the hotel Thurnerhof
New windows in the hotel Thurnerhof

Finally getting windows!

Now our "new" Hotel Thurnerhof has finally got windows. The great view remains the same ;).
Hotel Thurnerhof with new windows
"Cable spaghetti" at the Hotel Thurnerhof
Measurements for the wine room in the Hotel Thurnerhof

A lot is happening ...

This "cable spaghetti" was also created during hotel renovations ;).
For our future wine room, measurements were made and our regulars' table had to give way ...
Hotel Thurnerhof balcony with glass elements
Hotel Thurnerhof new balcony

September 24th

Today, the construction of the balconies continues. Glass elements provide a fantastic view and lots of sunshine! Perfect to enjoy your holiday in the mountains.
Construction of the balconies at the hotel Thurnerhof

August 2020

Hotel terrace, rooms & more

Exciting, what has to be considered with a heated pool...
We are now well equipped with knowledge to pamper you in winter with our heated infinity pool ;).
Buffet area in the hotel Thurnerhof
Renovation in the Hotel Thurnerhof

August 12th

Hotel tour through our Hotel Thurnerhof ...
Reception, rooms, suites, terrace, pool & Co - at the moment it still looks typical as reconstruction ;)
Room renovation of the hotel Thurnerhof
Parlour of the hotel Thurnerhof
View of the room in the hotel Thurnerhof


Infinity Pool area of the hotel Thurnerhof
Entrance of our Hotel Thurnerhof
Grey walls in our Hotel Thurnerhof

It's getting grey in our Hotel Thurnerhof ...

We are open & ready for change - you can see that a little bit in the design of our hotel ;). So the color red in our entrance area soon gives way to a nice shade of grey.
Construction of our Pool - Hotel Thurnerhof

Construction of our ...

... Infinity Pool. Not long now and our guests can enjoy themselves in our new pool.
Flowers at our Hotel Thurnerhof

July 2020

Progress in the exterior of our hotel & more

Already at the beginning of July we were able to make further changes to the exterior of our hotel and thus advance the reconstruction by a large margin. Excavated earth and gravel were disposed of to make room for the extended children's playground & more. We also made good progress in the interior of our hotel - a look at the following pictures is worthwhile ;).
Nice field for future playground & parking lots
Field prepared for playground construction

Beginning of July

We finally disposed of gravel and excavated earth and worked the large field for the new, extended playground ;). New parking spaces will also be built here to keep the upper hotel area as car-free as possible.
Renovation work for the new restaurant

2nd week of July

This week the vegetable garden was exchanged for the new restaurant ;). On the left side of the playground and on the side facing the valley, new terraces are being built for cosy hours.
New roof truss for our hotel Thurnerhof
New roof truss - reconstruction of our hotel Thurnerhof

Our roof truss

Finally sealed again  ;) - our new roof truss is already in work.
Underfloor heating installation-Hotel-Thurnerhof
First screed laid indoors

Construction progress in the interior area

This week we have already laid the first screed and the floor heating in the buffet area. So our guests have it comfortably warm also in winter :).
Scaffolding for the facade of our Hotel Thurnerhof
End of the day atmosphere in front of the Hotel Thurnerhof

July 25th

The scaffolding for the façade was erected outside - the next step towards the "new Hotel Thurnerhof" ;)
At 17:00 o'clock we are finally done with cleaning up - we ring in the end of the day ...
Construction site terrace Hotel Thurnerhof
Masonry work for the Hotel Thurnerhof terrace

July 30th

The last masonry work for our hard-working bricklayers - our terrace with a view to the playground of our Hotel Thurnerhof.

June 2020

Update from the construction site

Patience, diligence and ambition - are particularly important referred to our hotel renovation. Added to this is the mutual support and the strong support of our family.
During the last two weeks the weather was not on our side - nevertheless we could already rebuild the new main building and also continue to work diligently in the pool area.
Main building of our hotel Thurnerhof
Pool terrace with room on the right

First week of June

Already in the first week of June we were able to rebuild our main building. Also the terrace in the pool area is already taking shape.
Construction of the 2nd floor of our main building
Renovation work on our Hotel Thurnerhof

June 12th

The balcony for the terrace in the pool area will be built. At the same time we are tackling the 2nd floor of our new main building - highly motivated and full of joy about the great progress of the construction work.
Overview construction progress of our hotel reconstruction
Current construction site of the parlour in the Hotel Thurnerhof

June 22nd - a little foretaste for you ;)

Preview of one of our new parlours - modern, noble design & a fantastic view of the beautiful mountain village Saalbach! At the moment it still has the typical "construction site design" - but that changes more and more from day to day.
Preview of the new parlour in the Hotel Thurnerhof
Restored bell tower of our Hotel Thurnerhof
Bell tower of our Hotel Thurnerhof

June 26th

Today our "old" bell tower was rebuilt.
Our friend "Hans Höll vom Linbichl" has restored it beautifully - we say again thank you very much for the beautiful work! :)

May 2020 - smooth operation

The restructuring process is progressing

Thanks to the wonderful weather we have already been able to implement a lot in the last days and weeks. We have been busy with digging, concreting and building...
Floor construction main building
The first walls of the main building are standing

5 May to 8 May

The construction of the floor for the new main building went smoothly. The first walls are already being erected.
The first walls of the main building
Cellar and ground floor of the main building
Exposed concrete wall of the main building

May 13th

The exposed concrete wall is being built. As of today, the basement of the main building and the screed on the ground floor are also finished.
Renovation work Infinity Pool
Pool construction

May 27th

It will still take a little while until our new Infinity Pool with massage tables is ready. At the moment it still looks like this ...
Pool construction with massage tables
Renovation work bar area
deko-shop renovation work

May 27th - Indoor Area

Today the renovation work in the bar area and buffet area continued. The new decoration shop was also continued.
Renovation work buffet area

Main building - Hotel Thurnerhof

Spontaneous change of plans...
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to carry out the entire hotel reconstruction in one go.
Old Hotel Stammhaus

Old main building


Old main building

Our Hotel "Stammhaus" has to go

Hotelier Hermann is hollowing out the main building.

April 2nd


April 2nd

Hotelier Hermann is already busy hollowing out the main building.

The ceiling is excluded.

Demolition work main building


Demolition work main building

The ceiling is excluded.


March & April 2020 - start-up phase

First preparations & demolition work

Finally the time has come! The first preparations for the big reconstruction were already made in mid-March. Motivated, organized and full of energy, we were thus able to start clearing out and demolishing the first areas according to plan.

16 March - the first container arrives at Hotel Thurnerhof

Perfect timing! The first container is ready and waiting to be loaded.
March & April 2020 - start-up phase
Demolition work Stammhaus
Remains of the old Stammhaus

Demolition of our "Stammhaus"

Today our 300 year old main building is being torn down. Looks a bit wild - but that will change soon :).
3 generations looking at the fallen main building
Demoliton work

Our fallen main building

3 generations are looking with laughing and crying eyes at the place where the old main building was located just a short time ago. Of course this will be rebuilt in the same style, but without "woodworms" ;).
Old parlour will be used again
All furniture of rooms and restaurant are given away

16 April to 30 April - Furniture, "Stube" & Pool

All furniture from the rooms & the restaurant are given away. The old parlour will be used again. At the end of April the floor slab for the swimming pool will be made. Now the shape and size of our pool are also clearly visible.
Floor slab for the swimming pool
Clearing out the rooms on the first floor
Hotelier Hermann Kröll at work

March 24th

Everything has to get out...
Everybody helps diligently, because the rooms on the first floor have to be completely cleared out. Soon they are hardly recognizable.
Excavation for the pool
Delivery of the rabbit hut

26 March & 31 March

Two days later the rabbit hut has to give way as well.

That was quick... Today we are already digging the ground for our pool.
Restaurant and bar are cleared of rubble
Hard-working helpers in the middle of demolition work

31 March

At the same time, demolition work is progressing in the interior - restaurant and bar are already being cleared of rubble. Without our hard-working helpers we would not have been able to do this so quickly!
Hotel Thurnerhof's old bar on the right - cleaned out