Experience Salzburg for kids and adults

Experience Salzburg for kids and adults

What to do in Salzburg in one day

The home of great daughters and sons, as it is described in Austria’s national anthem, a place attracting visitors from all over the world who appreciate art and culture, but also a shopping paradise and an adventurous place with something to discover for everyone - the city of Mozart, Salzburg, has something to offer for every taste and every requirement. Around 90 minutes by train from the Thurnerhof, these excursion destinations in Salzburg are worth a trip or two to the north. Find out the best way to experience Salzburg for kids and for adults!   

Culture and architecture

The nickname ‘Mozart City’ is, of course, no coincidence: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is probably the city’s most famous son, and his history is closely interwoven with that of Salzburg; it can be sensed in every nook and cranny. However, this is by no means all that the city of culture has to offer:

  • Mozart's Birthplace: The house in the Getreidegasse in Salzburg’s historic city centre houses the permanent exhibition with items from his life and his musical career. Mozart’s residence is open to visitors on the other side of the Salzach river.
  • Dom (Salzburg Cathedral): Quite possibly the city’s most famous church had to be rebuilt and renovated several times over the centuries, but Salzburg’s best-known place of worship, with its monumental dimensions, is always worth a visit. The Domplatz (cathedral square) is home to the big Christmas market during Advent.           
  • Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Fortress): The Middle Ages are brought to life at the largest fully-preserved fortress in the whole of central Europe. Guided tours through the old fortress rooms really are a must.
  • Salzburg Festival: More an event than an excursion destination per se, the late-summer festival attracts a culturally-minded audience from all over the world. The ‘Jedermann’ on the Domplatz is a proven crowd favorite.
  • Museum der Moderne: There are a number of museums, but the Mönchsberg houses modern art with changing exhibitions and exciting views.
  • DomQuartier: Four Salzburg museums in one tour! Experience the history of the city up close in one sweep. The Residenz with its staterooms and the Cathedral museum number among the highlights.

Adventurous Salzburg for kids

Old buildings and echoing churches are perhaps not quite so exciting for kids, but these excursion destinations for kids will cause real excitement!

  • Haus der Natur: Another museum as a top destination for children? Various exhibitions about nature, history, science and space, with child-friendly stations for playing, ensure long queues almost every day – there is a huge aquarium, too!
  • Salzburg Zoo: Animals from all over the world are at home in the enormous animal park in Hellbrunn. 150 different species are waiting to be admired in the historic castle park. One of the definite highlights is the spacious Savannah enclosure with the lion house. 
  • Hellbrunn: If you are already in the Hellbrunn area, then it is definitely worth taking a walk over the hill with a detour to the Steintheater, where art and culture are still housed today, and then on to the extensive palace area with a children’s playground. At the trick water fountains, great fun is guaranteed and no one will stay dry.
  • Mirabell Gardens: The Mirabell Palace is not just one of the most popular wedding venues in the city, but its gardens shine with a carefully arranged sea of flowers. With the dwarf garden and the hedge maze, there are also plenty of highlights for the younger visitors.
  • Toy Museum: Old and new toys are waiting to be tried out here, with lots of adventure stations and plenty to marvel at – the ‘Play’, ‘Experience’ and ‘Marvel’ adventure worlds will delight young visitors.

But wait, there's more!


A day trip to Salzburg is never short of attractions. Here are a few more potential additions for your own bucket-list:

  • Getreidegasse: Quite possibly the most important street in Salzburg’s historic city centre is not only home to interesting museums but is also perfect for a little shopping trip or two thanks to its high-quality boutiques.
  • Hangar 7: This is where the late Red Bull boss, Didi Mateschitz, realised his dreams. Formula 1 cars, everything to do with the stratosphere jump, aeroplanes, helicopters and fine cuisine await the visitors.   
  • Europark: Salzburg’s best-known shopping centre has something to offer for every taste and every shopping wish. A short trip to the casino nearby is certainly not to be missed!
  • Linzer Gasse: On the other side of the Salzach river, there are further shopping highlights in the extended historic city centre. A short stroll along this old lane reveals little treasures and great offers.        
  • St. Peter: The oldest and still existing monastery in German-speaking countries dates back to the year 696. Together with the magnificent collegiate church, which has been rebuilt several times, and the impressive cemetery, it exudes an air of mystique.               

Salzburg, the city of Mozart, is a wonderful place to visit, regardless of age or interests. The Thurnerhof, your lovely holiday home away from home, also leaves nothing to be desired. Secure your ideal accommodation today with a non-binding enquiry.